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Mission to save nature



Successfully realized


Neeracherried is a habitat for countless animals and plants – including populations of national importance. Without protective measures, invasive species can endanger this diversity. That's why regular missions are organized in the field – as happened in September 2022.

Expedition leaders Andrea Lorefice and Raphael Lindenmann supervised the volunteer work and shared their thoughts: “Everyone pitched in, and the atmosphere was fun and relaxed.” Highlights included the sight of hundreds of green leafhoppers jumping around, marsh grasshoppers and autumn crocus in bloom. To top it off, volunteers enjoyed a guided tour of birding huts where they could observe a variety of wading birds. They were also able to try out the insect flight simulator, the only one of its kind in the world. 


Our project partners
BirdLife Schweiz

With 67,000 members, BirdLife Switzerland is one of the largest nature conservation organizations in Switzerland. The network brings together 440 local nature conservation associations, 19 cantonal associations and two national organizations. Their members are all members of BirdLife Switzerland

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