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If you as a company would like to offer your employees the opportunity to get involved in a voluntary, sustainable, fun and charitable project, you’ve come to the right place. We support you with corporate volunteering and work together with you for a committed, sustainable Switzerland.

Take a look around and decide on those projects that best match your corporate values. Whether in the area of social issues, the environment, education or entrepreneurship – we offer you a hand. Join us!

Talk to your supervisor

Would you like to volunteer as an individual or with your team colleagues? Talk to your supervisor and tell them about the many benefits that a joint or individual commitment brings for everyone. Some companies also count the time spent volunteering as working time and support an assignment in this way.

For company managers

How does corporate volunteering work at UBS Helpetica? Are you responsible for corporate volunteering in your company? Or would you like to take on this task?

Nominate an employee of your company as Corporate Volunteering Admin and grant them access to the extended functions of the platform. This is how you can handle the entire assignment planning. You select a single project to propose to your employees. Or you can let them each select one themselves.

The advantage of UBS Helpetica is that you do not need to worry about organizing the volunteer assignment. The platform offers you a tool for the administrative management of the deployment. Our NGO partners take care of the organization and implementation.

Want more details? Find out more here: Conditions of participation

Answers to your questions

Corporate volunteering has many facets, and some questions may arise. We have listened carefully to our participants and noted down the most important answers. If you do not find anything suitable here, please fill out the contact form.

Corporate volunteering is volunteering by employees for the good of the community and society. It is a way for employers to promote a sense of cohesion among their employees and to help them identify with the company. It is an act of social responsibility on behalf of all of us.

A corporate volunteering admin is the central person responsible for selecting or booking projects and organizing and monitoring assignments by the company. Admins can also invite employees and manage the list of volunteers.

Both private individuals and employees of a company can get involved in corporate volunteering. To ensure the two activities are kept separate, we recommend setting up a separate login with a work email address for corporate volunteering assignments.

UBS Helpetica is available to everyone free of charge. Companies can incur costs for individual projects, depending on the situation. Should this happen it will be clearly communicated.

Any company can participate. However, for corporate volunteering projects there is a preferred number of participants.

The platform is open to all, meaning every SME, large firm, association and everyone else too.

In principle, no. Some companies grant their employees a certain number of paid volunteering hours.

Yes, that’s possible. This means you can also complete an assignment as a team.

You can decide whether you want to credit your employees for involvement in public projects.

Corporate volunteering projects are only visible if a corporate volunteering admin has set up a corporate profile.

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