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Volunteering in Switzerland

Volunteering is an enriching experience. It doesn’t matter whether it’s through an organization or as a private individual, by submitting a project idea or through volunteery work – you too can contribute to the common good.

Find the right volunteering opportunity for you

Do you want to get involved in volunteering? We’re very pleased to hear that. Work out which kind of volunteer work appeals to you from a large, constantly changing selection of projects. For a more targeted search, you can also filter by region and language.

Find a project

Submit your project idea

Do you have your own project idea? That’s great. Then submit it right away.

Simply note the following:

  • Your project must create sustainable value and benefit the common good
  • It must fit one of the four focus topics (education, social issues, entrepreneurship and environment)
  • Laypersons need to be able to implement the project in Switzerland
  • It cannot have any links to any commercial interests
  • It must be implemented with an expert charitable organization.
  • It must be clearly and exclusively in the interests of the common good in Switzerland
  • Your project must focus on volunteer work with direct contact and not on raising funds (e.g. fundraising, promotions)


  • We will carefully review your idea together with expert non-profit organizations
  • We will contact you
  • Your project will be published afterwards on UBS Helpetica
  • Or you will be notified that your project cannot be published in its current form. We always offer clear reasoning for the decision

Submit project

Anyone age 18 and over living in Switzerland can take part.