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Accompany a Refugee / Migrant during their Internship:
Powercoders is a work integration program for refugees and migrants. We offer a 3-month coding bootcamp, followed by a 6-12 month internship in an IT company or IT department. To support the participants in making their internship a success, all of them are accompanied by a volunteer Job Coach. The Job Coach meets the coachee regularly and supports him/her in reaching their goals. The Job Coach also joins monthly meetings at the company and supports the coachee in his/her social and professional integration. Job Coaches can be based anywhere in the Romandie or Deutschschweiz.


Initially 6 months (approx. 5-10 hours every month)


  • Coach & coachee typically live or work in the same region.
  • They will agree where / when to meet, also with the company.
  • Most workshops are held online.

How it will work:

  • Interested volunteers are invited to online Intro Meetups.
  • Selected Job Coach candidates are then invited to join Matching Day where they meet all participants from their region in speed-dating style.
  • They are then 'matched' based on their mutual preferences. From then, Job Coaches meet their coachees regularly (e.g. once per week) and join monthly meetings at the company. The joint aim is to make the internship a success.


  • Shortly after Matching Day, Job Coaches will attend a Kickoff Workshop where they are introduced to their role.
  • There is also a preparation session for internship companies where the Job Coaches are introduced.
  • Subsequently, there are various additional workshops offered on relevant topics such as transcultural competence or psycho-social effects of (forced) migration.


  • The Job Coaching Lead is the first point of contact and is available for individual coaching sessions with the volunteers.
  • There is a monthly online Coffee Break for informal exchange among Job Coaches.
  • The volunteer Job Coaches can reach out for support any time.


  • The Job Coaches get to know their coachee and build a relationship of trust.
  • They ask open questions to get to know the coachee better and also share about themselves.
  • They support the coachee in reflecting their current (internship) experiences, identifying challenges and potential solutions.
  • When needed, they offer guidance, particularly about the Swiss work culture.
  • They join monthly meetings with the company to facilitate constructive communication and feedback.
  • They are encouraging and supportive - always on the coachee's side.

What you'll need:

  • Good understanding of the Swiss labor market & work culture.
  • Good listening skills & transcultural competence.
  • No IT experience is required. 
  • Good English. Speaking the local language (German/French) is an asset.


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Powercoders is a work integration program for refugees and migrants. We offer a 3-month bootcamp followed by a 6- to 12-month internship in an IT team or IT company. Why do Powercoders exist? There are so many talented people with refugee or migrant backgrounds who want to rebuild their careers and livelihoods here in Switzerland. However, many of them have difficulty accessing opportunities and aspirational jobs.