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For the past two years, UBS Helpetica has supported the project of Dôme Seniors, a registered non-profit association that has been helping isolated seniors in the canton of Geneva since 2020.

Volunteers from Dôme Seniors visit isolated senior citizens for around 1.5 hours every week. Our mission is to spend time together and create human contact. Around 15,000 people of retirement age in Geneva feel alone and isolated.

One touching story is that of our volunteer Doris and Ms. T., a 92-year-old woman. They spent last Christmas together – dancing and celebrating. Before Doris began visiting her, Ms. T. was deeply depressed. Now they have been meeting every week for more than a year and have become friends. That is exactly the idea behind this project! There are so many stories to tell and that is what motivates us to pursue our mission of supporting disadvantaged seniors and gives meaning to what we do. 

Our project partner:
Association Dôme Seniors

The Dôme Seniors association offers an isolation assistance service. In order to create human contact, the volunteers meet every week with a senior citizen at home.

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