Preserving nature and plants



Successfully realized


The Neeracherried provides a habitat for countless animals and plants, including populations of national importance. Without protective measures, however, problem plants such as neophytes can threaten this diversity. To counteract this, the BirdLife association organizes regular nature missions, such as the one that took place on 26 June 2023.

As the head of operations, Luca Wunderli, reports: “A successful day working on moor-like terrain in the Neeracherried nature reserve. Thanks to the hard work of the volunteers, we were able to clear this sensitive habitat of reeds and emerging bushes. In the process, we even made a special discovery of a walnut, which was probably brought to the area by a bird and has already taken root and started to grow.”


Our project partner:
BirdLife Schweiz

With 67,000 members, BirdLife Switzerland is one of the largest nature conservation organizations in Switzerland. The network brings together 440 local nature conservation associations, 19 cantonal associations and two national organizations. Their members are all members of BirdLife Switzerland

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