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Social issues

We require volunteers with good German to teach the language to migrants in one-on-one tandems 2 to 4 times per month. You can help them learn German in the traditional way with a grammar book, or combined with other activities like shopping, museum visits or cooking together. These tandems are an opportunity to target the migrants’ precise individual needs and for them to obtain specific language skills. You can meet in public or private spaces.


Minimum one hour, 2–4 times a month

How it will work: 

This is determined on an individual basis

Aargau (assignment location): 

We try to allocate tandems based on region to avoid either person having to make long journeys.


There is no formal introduction but the first meeting will take place with the project leader. After an ice-breaker, you and your partner will set goals together and agree on where to meet and how the tandem will work.


The project leaders are on hand to help and advise volunteers at any time. Volunteers are invited to attend 1–2 sessions each year to discuss their experiences. They also have the possibility to receive free further training.

Volunteer profile

You will support migrants as they learn German, helping them to integrate. You will be your partner's go-to person for questions relating to everyday life.

  • You are interested in other cultures
  • You are caring
  • You know German
Project language: 


Project language


Our project partner:
Caritas Aargau

We work as a regional aid organization on behalf of the Catholic church to support socially disadvantaged groups in need and people affected by poverty – regardless of their religion, ethnic origins or political beliefs.