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The Neeracherried provides a habitat for countless animals and plants – including native populations of national importance. The nature center in Neerach is dedicated to the conservation of habitats and biodiversity, and its focus is on raising awareness. “Many of us have a human-centered view and divide animals into those at are beneficial and those that are pests. But this ignores the natural cycle of nature,” says Stefan Heller, director of the nature center.

Our nature assignment in July went as follows: At 9 a.m. volunteers started uprooting invasive plants and shrubs to help native vegetation flourish. Volunteers ate their lunch in the shelter and concluded the day at 4 p.m. with a guided tour of the nature reserve. There was lots of laughter, the mood was jolly: the volunteers seem to have had a wonderful time.
This is underscored by the following quote from one of the volunteers: “In my everyday life, I rarely have the feeling that my work was really valuable. That’s why I appreciate volunteering so much. In the evening, I know I’ve done something worthwhile.”

Text: Rachel Fassbind, Images: Patrick Usseglio


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BirdLife Schweiz

With 67,000 members, BirdLife Switzerland is one of the largest nature conservation organizations in Switzerland. The network brings together 440 local nature conservation associations, 19 cantonal associations and two national organizations. Their members are all members of BirdLife Switzerland

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