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Social issues

In a housing market as competitive as Zurich's, finding suitable accommodation is much harder for those affected by poverty. Adequate living space is essential for social and economic inclusion and for escaping poverty. WohnFit is looking for volunteer mentors willing to spend six months helping social welfare recipients in Zurich to find an apartment.


1–2 hours per week.

How it will work: 

To be agreed individually and in consultation with the person you will help to find an apartment. If necessary, the project manager can provide support.


Mentors are interviewed in detail about their expectations and capabilities and receive individual training to prepare them for their tasks.


After mentor and mentee have been introduced to each other, they will both be personally guided and advised by the WohnFit project manager throughout the process. We organize regular meet-ups where volunteers can share their experiences with one another, helping you achieve your goals.


  • Enabling your mentee to look for an apartment independently
  • Meeting with your mentee regularly over the course of three to nine months
  • Supporting your mentee as they look for a suitable home


  • Good written and spoken German
  • Good computer skills
  • Awareness of the difficulties of finding accommodation in Zurich
  • Open-minded, caring and with good interpersonal skills
  • You live or work in the city of Zurich

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Our project partner:
Caritas Zürich

Since 1926, Caritas Zürich has been working on behalf of disadvantaged groups and people affected by poverty in the Swiss canton of Zurich – regardless of their religion, nationality or beliefs.