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Retired and committed


The whole of Switzerland



Tired of sitting around and twiddling your thumbs? Do you enjoy working with young people and shaking things up? Would you like a chance to pass on the leadership and other skills you gained during your working life?

Then Innovage is the place for you. We bring together retirees with a diverse range of expertise into regional networks to help non-profit organizations – professionally, voluntarily, and free of charge.


Depends on project, 1–2 days per month


In your local area

How it will work:

Project-specific; teams are assembled ad hoc for each project

  • Admissions interview, trial membership
  • Introduction to internal organization provided by the members
  • Introduction and “sample project” with a project manager

Highly varied, depending on the project. In-demand skills:

  • Project management
  • Organizational and strategy consulting
  • Coaching or sparring partners
  • Vision development, mission statements, and operational principles
  • Financial consulting, restructuring, and fundraising
  • Communication and marketing
  • Human resource management, training, and education
What you'll need:

You possess a solid education, good track record, and leadership and professional experience in a managerial position. You enjoy tasks related to consulting and management.

Project language

German, French, Italian, English

Our project partners

Innovage combines age with innovation. Across Switzerland, nine Innovage networks make the experience and expertise of their members available to charitable projects free of charge. Innovage is a network of retired specialists and managers who advise non-profit organizations and projects free of charge.