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IT Trainer at Powercoders


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Support Refugees & Migrants.
Powercoders is a work integration program for refugees and migrants. We offer a 3-month coding bootcamp, followed by a 6-12 month internship. The goal of IT training is to support the Teaching Lead as well as the participants during the bootcamp. You as volunteer will step in and help the individuals doing IT exercises and to get their homework and projects done, onsite usually half-days and online a few hours.You have an understanding of some technologies in a specific IT field, mostly Web development, but also DevOps, Software programming,Testing, Machine Learning and more. No prior teaching experience is required.


  • 2 hours online or 4.5 hours onsite in Zurich, Bern or Lausanne


  • online or Zurich or Bern or Lausanne

How it will work:

  • Onsite: You join the class either at 9:00 till 12:30 or from 13.30 till 17:00 in our locations in Zurich or Bern or Lausanne.
  • The class will work on exercises and/or projects. You will go around, check with the participants what they are working on and give advice and support to their questions.
  • The language is English.
  • In the first 7 weeks web fundamentals will be taught, e.g. HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In the second part the class will split in focus groups like DevOps, ML and more. 


  • All volunteers will be added to a pool.
  • Regular information will be sent about the bootcamp, the current topics and how best volunteers can support.
  • Volunteers can schedule their time via a calendar and will get regular reminders.
  • Also the slides will be sent in advance, so the volunteers can prepare.
  • There is no teaching required.


  • The volunteers onsite will be introduced by the Teaching Lead (TL).
  • Requirements are English and IT skills.
  • Depending on the specific skills the TL will match you to the right persons and tell you when the right time for support will be.
  • Throughout the bootcamo the volunteers can always reach out to the Teaching Lead and the Teaching Assisstant in case of questions or needs.


  • The volunteers will help the participants in doing their exercises and working on their projects.
  • If questions arise, the focus should be on letting the participants find their answers themselves instead of telling them exactly what to do. 

What you'll need:

  • Mostly web developments skills are required (HTML, CSS and JS), but later on also skills in DevOps, Machine learning, Backend programming, Testing and even Business Analysis and Digital Marketing might be needed.
  • No teaching is required, instead mentoring and advising the participants. 
  • IT professionals and developers
  • Willing to work with people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds
  • Good English skills
  • Willing to either support one or more half-days during the 13 weeks of bootcamp onsite or 2h of non continuous support online


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Powercoders is a work integration program for refugees and migrants. We offer a 3-month bootcamp followed by a 6- to 12-month internship in an IT team or IT company. Why do Powercoders exist? There are so many talented people with refugee or migrant backgrounds who want to rebuild their careers and livelihoods here in Switzerland. However, many of them have difficulty accessing opportunities and aspirational jobs.