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incluso is looking for volunteers with professional experience (mentors) to work with migrants (mentees). The aim of the project is to promote equal opportunities in the Swiss apprenticeship market for young people from migrant backgrounds – especially those who have recently immigrated to Switzerland. We organize tandems who work together over the course of a school year.

There is an ever-increasing set of demands placed on school leavers as they transition to the job market. They need to be well connected, understand the complex Swiss education system and be confident in their own abilities. Young people from migrant backgrounds face greater hurdles in this process and often have fewer resources at their disposal.

  • incluso is based on the school year. The first program cycle begins in summer and the second in spring.
  • Tandems usually work together until the mentee has found a job or apprenticeship opportunity, but not past the end of the school year. 
  • Mentors are asked to give 1–2 hours of their time per week on average.

With an initial interview, introductory event and training in collaboration with the Zurich career guidance service, the incluso team ensures that mentors are thoroughly prepared for their role.

  • The incluso team is on hand to provide both mentors and mentees with advice and support throughout the entire program.
  • There are also regular meet-ups where project participants can share their experiences, as well as further training opportunities on offer.
  • Preparing applications with your mentee.
  • Practicing mock interviews and phone calls.
  • Helping your mentee establish contacts in the job market and find short-term trial apprenticeships.
  • Motivating your mentee to persevere until they achieve their goal.

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Our project partner:
Caritas Zürich

Since 1926, Caritas Zürich has been working on behalf of disadvantaged groups and people affected by poverty in the Swiss canton of Zurich – regardless of their religion, nationality or beliefs.