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Social issues

The newly founded organization Tafel Thanksgiver Switzerland aims to provide food to families in need. Our mission is to combat hunger and prevent food waste. We strive to change the lives of people in need and improve the health and well-being of our community by providing healthy, nutritious food.

Every Thursday our members collect, transport, order and distribute packaged foods, beverages, fresh products, dairy, bread and any other food items, provided to us by various stores.


Each assignment takes place on Thursday from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. You are free at all times to decide for yourself how often you would like to help out (this can even be on an irregular basis).


Evangelische Gemeinde, Birsstegweg 5, 4127 Birsfelden

How it will work:

Register in advance with Tafel Thanksgiver Schweiz for the date you would like to help out You will be briefed at the assignment location on the tasks that you will carry out Introduction: You will be introduced to your tasks onsite.


On-hand support is provided during every assignment.


On-hand support is provided during every assignment.


  • Gather, sort and pack goods
  • Distributing goods

What you'll need:

You have a friendly disposition and enjoy helping people.


Project language

German, Italian, English

Our project partner:
Tafel Thanksgiver Schweiz

Tafel Thanksgiver Schweiz supports families in need by collecting and distributing food from various suppliers. The newly founded organization is part of Schweizer Tafel and aims to provide needy families with food.