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Social issues

The Incontro association helps those in need in the Langstrassenquartier in Zurich. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a greater need for support for those living on the street. To date, the association has distributed up to 400 meals every evening. The past months have seen conditions worsen for such individuals, leading to a diversified range of support. The association recently set up its own premises in the district, offering Covid-secure advice, German classes and a sewing workshop. We are now looking for volunteers to help out in the office and on the street.

  • Daily from 4:45 p.m. until around 8:00 p.m. – Frequency depending on availability
  • Volunteers can sign up in the schedule and thus decide for themselves when and how often they help out

Langstrassenquartier in Zurich

How it will work:
  • Volunteers meet at Molkenstrasse 8, Zurich, where they are briefed
  • We load carts with drinks and food
  • Volunteers then give out hot meals at the 25hours hotel and have a chance to convene around the back of the hotel to talk and make friends. We then go out into the streets with food
  • Volunteers are able to meet and talk to people living on the street
  • Volunteers gather afterwards to share their experiences
  • Volunteers return to the storage room at Molkenstrasse 8, Zurich and tidy up
  • Request for volunteers, who sign up on the roster
  • Volunteers are given a 15-minute briefing at the start of the first assignment and receive support throughout
  • Volunteers can exchange their experiences with their supervisor and ask questions

Either Sister Ariane or one of her colleagues will be on hand to provide support during each assignment.

  • Establishing a friendly relationship with people in need living on the street (male and female escorts, addicts, homeless people, refugees, etc.)
  • Handing out warm meals
  • Distributing food, hygiene products, masks, etc
  • You enjoy meeting people from all walks of life
  • You are empathetic and open-minded 
  • You are patient and impartial
  • You have strong interpersonal skills
  • You are physically fit

Weather-appropriate clothing, as you will be outdoors.

Project language

German, French, Italian, English

Our project partner:
Association Incontro

Incontro is committed to providing sustained, long-term support for those living on the street, adapted to the current situation and volunteer availability.