Transport service for people with disabilities






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Transport service for people with disabilities

Mobility is an undervalued good. The lack of mobility for people with disabilities means that they’re unable to participate in social life.

We organize daily trips for anyone who is unable to use public transport due to a disability. This mainly involves organizing individual trips to health resorts, vacation destinations and general leisure travel. We also organize daily school trips for children with disabilities or commutes to residential homes or workplaces. In addition to our day-to-day business, we also organize half-day or full-day trips at regular intervals. All trips and participation in our three leisure projects are free of charge to members.

Drivers are needed for our charitable trips. Help us help others!


  • You decide your workload yourself.
  • You can specify on which and how many days you would like to be on duty, whether fixed days or intermittently.
  • An assignment is always a full day. Individual hourly assignments are not possible as organizing these is too time consuming.


  • The association headquarters is located at Muhlezelgstrasse 15, 8047 Zurich
  • The trips normally depart from the greater Zurich area to destinations throughout Switzerland.

How it will work:

  • Meeting with the manager and team to get to know each other.
  • There will be a non-binding orientation day where you can experience everything in practice.
  • If you want to volunteer as a driver, please enter the days you would like to work.
  • You will receive your daily schedule by email at the presentation. Every transport service is subject to rest period regulations, i.e., sufficient breaks must be scheduled between journeys.
  • Our highly modern vehicles are equipped with an automatic transmission, navigation system, cell phone, air conditioning, parking sensor and are usually parked in an underground garage in Zurich.
  • The association generally travels to any destination a passenger requests. Mainly cross-regionally, e.g., for transfers from a hospital in the Zurich area to a rehabilitation center throughout Switzerland. The journey can also be a short trip in the city.


  • You’ll receive detailed training and all the necessary information.
  • You’ll receive an individual 1:1 introduction to the tasks and processes.
  • You’ll receive a personal copy of the operating regulations.


  • If anything is unclear, you can ask at the office. The dispatch team is on hand to help drivers.
  • Further training courses are available.
  • There are regular get-togethers and informal gatherings.


  • On departure or arrival, passengers are brought to or picked up from the vehicle by assistants (e.g., nursing staff, therapists or parents).
  • Correctly securing passengers in the vehicle.
  • Careful driving.

What you’ll need:

  • Knowledge of German is required to communicate with the dispatcher and passengers at a basic level.


  • You must hold a valid cat. B. driver’s license.


Project language

German, French, English

Our project partner:
Verein Behinderten-Reisen Zurich

The Verein Behinderten-Reisen Zurich (VBRZ) was founded in 1992 as a non-profit organization and has been working without any state support ever since. We pursue three goals: (1) mobility for people with a disability throughout Switzerland; (2) jobs and training places, including for people with a disability; and (3) organizing community service, work integration and volunteer work assignments.