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The voCHabular association has developed a self-learning tool in the form of a book and an app to help people with a refugee background integrate into Swiss life. Vocabulary, explanations and instructions must therefore be translated into different languages. The first edition of voCHabular is available in English, Arabic and Persian. We are currently working on translations into Amharic, Tigrinya, French and Turkish, and other languages are under consideration. The voCHabular website is also translated into the relevant languages. All of this is made possible by our fantastic translation team.

The project is managed by a young interdisciplinary and intercultural team of over 60 volunteers. It includes various people with a refugee background and different residence statuses, who provide valuable input on the development of content, translations, the app and the ongoing development of voCHabular. VoCHabular is therefore itself an integration project. Other projects are published on UBS Helpetica.


  • Duration open; flexible organization of the work.
  • Occasional fixed working days/weekends.


Swiss-wide. Physical presence mainly in Zurich, Berne or Engi (GL); otherwise mainly digital.

How it will work:

  • Initial meeting with the office (presentation of association and allocation to a team).
  • Introduction to the team and the working methods.
  • Attendance at team meetings and occasional work days/weekends and independent, flexible work.


Volunteers are introduced to their tasks and working methods by the directors and the team managers. No special advance training is required.


  • The team manager is the main contact person during the actual volunteering.
  • The directors are also available to answer general questions.


Together with their team colleagues, the translation team volunteers are responsible for translating the voCHabular book and website.

What you'll need:

  • Knowledge of German and Swiss German
  • Knowledge of another language, e.g., English, Arabic, Persian, Amharic, Tigrinya, French, Turkish, other languages.
  • A flair for intercultural questions.


Own laptop.

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Our project partners
Verein voCHabular

Der Verein voCHabular entwickelt ein Selbstlernmittel in Form eines Buches und einer App, um den Einstieg für Menschen mit Fluchthintergrund in den Schweizer Alltag zu erleichtern. Unsere Vision ist es, mit unserem Projekt zu einer inklusiven, offenen und solidarischen Gesellschaft beizutragen. Damit das Buch für möglichst viele zugänglich ist, kann es auf Spendenbasis erworben werden.