Rafiki – contact persons wanted


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Rafiki – contact persons wanted for the long-term unemployed.

As part of the project “Rafiki” (Swahili for “friend”), we are looking for volunteers to support and advise participants as required with questions and concerns about professional integration.

The participants are all employed in the private sector and are working towards meeting the minimum requirements for a permanent position or formal vocational qualification.


  • Agreed on an individual basis.
  • Half an hour per week is customary.


Can be carried out in person, online or over the phone, regardless of location.

How it will work:

  • Depending on the level of training, each individual participant is assisted by a “Rafiki” who acts as their contact person for questions and concerns about professional integration. 
  • After an introductory interview, you will be assigned a suitable participant.
  • An ice-breaker conversation will be held via video or over the phone.
  • Pairs will work together to agree next steps and develop a timeline.


  • We will hold initial discussions with volunteers to explore options for individual assignments and clarify details. 
  • The ice-breaker conversation with the participant will be organized and led by the coordinator. 


  • If you have any questions, concerns or issues, the coordinator is on hand to provide support at any time.
  • Regular team meetings are held with volunteers to exchange ideas and support one another. 


  • Providing support with questions and concerns about professional integration.
  • Communicating with the coordinator and other volunteers.

What you'll need:

  • You are considerate, open-minded and enjoy working with people from other cultures. 
  • Good French or German
  • Good sense of humor



Project language

German, French

Our project partner:
Root & Branch

Root & Branch is a Swiss non-profit organisation and a certified training company, employment agency and recruitment agency in the primary labour market. We are committed to the needs-oriented professional and social integration of the long-term unemployed, especially refugees and late-arrivals, whether in Switzerland or in their country of origin.

With the approach of inclusion, we share successes and failures at eye level and thus promote learning processes across borders and barriers. Root & Branch supports the idea that return assistance must start as a process of reintegration in Switzerland as well, right from the beginning.