Caritas-Bergeinsatz. Help mountain farming families in need


The whole of Switzerland




Social issues

Volunteers help Swiss mountain farming families who are experiencing an emergency due to accident, illnesses, pregnancies, or some other hardship. Help with a range of occasional work such as hay making, farm work, animal care, household chores, childcare and the like, and experience the joy of the simple life in the mountains.


At least one week (5 days), mainly in the work-intensive months from spring to autumn 


Throughout Switzerland

How it will work: 

The daily work schedule is set out by the farming family. This will vary depending on the weather and whatever work is required at the time.


The mountain farming family introduces the tasks and oversees the work during your stay.


The family provides support. The office of Caritas-Bergeinsatz is ready to assist if need be.


Volunteers help out a Swiss mountain farming family experiencing some hardship, free of charge. They support the family in their day-to-day work and help out where needed. Common tasks include: yard and barn work, hay making, fence-mending, household chores and childcare.

  • Between 18 and 70 years old
  • Mentally and physically fit enough to help with typical farming work.
  • Able to speak the local language
  • Volunteers and mountain farming families take personal abilities and skills into account
  •  We provide relief for a farming family in a challenging situation (not a farm holiday)
  • Food and lodging are included

Project language

German, French

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Our project partner:
Caritas Switzerland

Caritas-Bergeinsatz is a department of Caritas Switzerland situated in Lucerne with a branch office in Lausanne. Caritas-Bergeinsatz has been awarded Swiss Zewo certification as a non-profit organization.