Erecting wildlife fences in protective forests


Ferrera, Naturpark Beverin GR


26.07. - 28.07.2023



The high number of deer in mountain forests in the Grisons makes it difficult for young trees to grow. An entire generation of trees is often lost; in times of climate change, these are crucial for natural regeneration and a healthy forest structure.

Damage caused by bark beetles has also created a lot of open space. With your help, wildlife fences will be erected to protect areas where climate-adapted tree species will be planted. Over the course of three eventful days, you will get to know the mountain forest habitat and enjoy local farmhouse specialties.

Current project status

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Wednesday 26 July to Friday 28 July 2023 (three days)


  • Meeting point: PostBus stop “Ausserferrera”
  • Assignment location: forests in Ferrera/the Grisons

How it will work:

  • Lunch and dinner are offered by the Beverin Nature Park as a thank you for your efforts.
  • Participants cover the cost of lodging in a hostel, subject to availability in the region. Reservations are booked through the Beverin Nature Park.
  • Volunteers are transported from their accommodation to the assignment location, where they will then walk 10–15 minutes to the site.
  • Once on site, volunteers will work with members of the forest service to erect wildlife fences.


Volunteers will be welcomed on site by staff of the Beverin Nature Park, who will accompany them to the assignment location and introduce them to the work. 


  • Flurin Stoffel, assignment manager at the Beverin Nature Park, will be on hand to support volunteers and answer questions at any time.
  • Professional forestry workers will supervise the volunteers during practical tasks.
  • During their breaks, volunteers can discover interesting facts about the mountain forest habitat, the wildlife biology of deer and the region of the Beverin Nature Park.


  • Volunteers will distribute fencing material and help the forestry workers erect the fence.
  • Volunteers can hammer in posts, mount braces, construct a stile, and attach wire mesh and stranded wire to the posts.


  • You enjoy working outdoors.
  • You have basic knowledge of how to work with tools like hoes, shovels, pickaxes and hammers.
  • Note that working on steep hillsides in mountain forests requires concentration and a strong physical constitution.

What you'll need:

  • Good footwear
  • Gloves
  • Weather-appropriate clothing

Meeting point

Gasthaus Edelweiss

Averserstrasse 27

7444 Ferrera, Naturpark Beverin GR


26.07.2023 - 28.07.2023

09:00 - 16:30 o'clock

Project language

German, English

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Our project partner:
Naturpark Beverin

The area of the Beverin Nature Park stretches around the Piz Beverin, which is 2,998m above sea level. The park comprises four valleys as well as two culturally and linguistically distinct settlement areas. The park communities have joined forces to advance sustainable economic and social development. They work to preserve precious natural and cultural resources, strengthen the local economy and promote tourism close to nature.